Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Motivation or Lack Thereof

I told myself I would practice restraint and not write on my blog every day, but I couldn't resist. My fingers itch to write but my mind won't let me write anything to do with school or even my usual little short stories for that matter. What the heck is my problem?

I've been going to school straight through since last fall. For some, this is probably no big deal, but my brain does not function well without some sort of release. My summer semester was really fun, but it was also really hard. I had two of my hardest semesters right in a row: winter and summer. Winter was hard for several reasons. Summer was hard because I had the dreaded English 450 class in which I had to create a magazine from the ground up. It was a great time with a very steep learning curve. (I will try and see if I can post my magazine on here so you can take a gander).

That being said...I had very little brain left by the end of summer semester. And I still have one more semester to go and then I will graduate. I have to get over this funk before next semester which promises to be another tough one.

I feel like I'm just complaining in this post.

Sitting here, I was trying to grasp that ever-elusive motivation. Lately I've been thinking about how energetic and excited I used to get about school. Don't get me wrong; I love to learn and I'm actually going to miss having so much knowledge constantly at my fingertips. But it's like looking at two different people when I consider what I was like at the beginning of my undergrad career and what I am like now.

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