Thursday, March 26, 2009

Awesome Weekend

I thought this should be documented somewhere at least. Oh hey, maybe I should do better at keeping my journal...Anyway...

This last weekend was amazing. We got to do Brittany's temple work. Kate and my Mom were proxies for her at different stages of the process. It was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life thus far. A lot of family and friends were there which made it even more special. After we did that my parents and Giselle were sealed, so she is officially ours. After the ceremony she saw me and was reaching for me from across the room. She's so cute. And she looked like a little angel all dressed in white. I know Brittany got to see it from the other side and she is very proud of her baby girl. Ever since this weekend I've felt a strong sense of peace and contentment that I've been lacking for this past year. It's as if things are official and my sister is finally at rest on the other side of the veil. And now she can continue doing even more work for the Lord.

On Sunday, Morgan and Wyatt were blessed. It was also a very special experience. I remember reaching my hand in the under both babies (at separate times obviously) and just thinking of how much love was in that circle as we welcomed those babies into the world. They truly are blessed to be in such a loving family. I am excited to watch them grow and to be a good uncle to them.

I will post pictures on here and my Facebook page as soon as I get them onto my computer.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm Graduating!

I'm going to be a big kid! Things are winding up for the big shebang on April 9th and 10th. I will be officially gradumacated on April 10th which is a Friday. This semester has been pretty intense and the teachers are piling on the end-of-the-semester projects.

I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped me get where I am. (This feels like a speech at some award show...bear with me) First I'd like to thank my parents for being so supportive. They are pretty much It has been a long road to get to this point, and there were moments I didn't think I'd make it through. But my parents have always been motivators.

*big sigh*

And Kater and Rico. After Britt passed away, Kate still managed to graduate from nursing school. That is always a bright and shining example to me, and I've always kept that in my mind when school gets tough.

Mikey for being a great friend in high and low times and through thick and thin. You're amazing.

Matt Mellor, you are always the voice of reason when I'm freaking out. Thank you for putting up with my randomosity and my OCD ways.

Now I'm just going to list a bunch of things and people who/which have helped me.

My iPod: couldn't do it without it. In fact, I'm listening to it right now. It's helped me keep my sanity and pass hours in front of the computer working on projects.
Frozen burritos: Mmm...with cheese and ranch...
Bambino's: Gotta love 'em. If you've never experienced a Bambino from Rigby, then you are missing out and I pity you.
Monday night lineup: The Closer, Medium, Saving Grace. Yeah.
Country dancing: Gotta put that on here because of that one semester I went EVERY week until I got so sick of country music that I can barely stomach it now.
Girls: Not a specific one. Girls, in general, were sometimes the only reason I'd go to class.
My teachers: The Super Three especially...Sister Elaine Hawker, Sister Andra Hansen, and Sister Ellen Pearson. These three women were elemental in helping me choose my path and understand my potential to be a great writer. I'll never forget my long talks with Sisters Hansen and Pearson and Sister Hawker's quirky teaching methods. Also, Brother Allen who taught me how to read American literature.
Wal-Mart: Sadly whenever I will think of my college career, my mind will most assuredly conjure up my time spent at Wal-Mart. It was hell, but I loved parts of it. I got good at my job, and that gave me confidence.
Deseret Book: On the same note...I love working at Deseret Book though. It's pretty much the coolest job.
Sue/Susan/Nancy: The three ladies that I get the honor of working with at Deseret Book. I am blessed to have 3 more grandmas to talk to and learn from.
My family: All my extended family has been very supportive. It's been great, too, to get in touch with Kara again.
Movies: Good movies are always welcome.
Drives: I would go on rides all by myself up through the dry farms during the summer. I loved it. It's so beautiful. This was something I'd do to keep my sanity.
Phoebe: My car which has been reliable *knock on wood* and fast.
Bishopric: Bishop Radford and his counselors, Brother Brower and Brother Landon, have been amazing examples of strong priesthood holders. They have always been supportive and trustworthy.
Ward activities: Sometimes they were lame, but the good ones were always good.
Georgetown #1 Fall 2007: You know who you are. I cherish that semester simply for the bonds I made with my roommates. They were all amazing people, and we got along so great which is something I have yet to see replicated.

If you've made it this far, Congratulations and I'm impressed. I wasn't planning on writing a novel for this post. Oh well.

There are definitely things I've forgotten. I just wanted to express some gratitude and reflect on my education.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daylight Savings Time

I have a love-hate relationship with Daylight Savings Time. Yes, I understand why we do it. I just hate the losing of an hour of sleep. It is nice, however, that we gain an hour in the winter. Also, the changing of clocks signifies something much more magical: the coming of spring and summer!

Gigi, I think, could feel the changes of the Daylight Savings Time. I went to see my parents today and she was super-whiny. Mom thought she was getting a tooth coming in. We had figured she was done with that. We couldn't tell what the problem was. She went to bed fast though. I think her poor little inner clock was all sorts of confused.

No worries, Gigi, I don't think any of us ever really get used to it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Brittany

Today was Brittany's birthday. She would have turned 29 today. I took work off so I could hang with my family today. Even my Dad called in sick today (the second time he's done so in 9 years!) and my Mom didn't go to work. Kate and Rico got a babysitter for the babies. And Gigi was at her daycare. All of this so we could celebrate Britt's birthday. It was a bittersweet day. Bitter for obvious reasons. Sweet because we focused a lot on the good memories we have of Britt.

We went to Stockman's restaurant (a steakhouse between Rigby and Idaho Falls that was started in LaPoint, UT of all places) for lunch where we stuffed ourselves silly. After that we took flowers to Britt's grave. It had been a long time since I'd been to the gravesite.

After that I hung out at my parents' house for a bit then we got Gigi from the daycare then went to Idaho Falls. My mom watched Morgan, Wyatt, and Giselle while the Kate, Rico, my Dad, and I went to see a movie. We saw Push. It was a fun movie albeit a little strange. I liked it a lot (What does this say about me?).

We then went back to my parents' house where I gave them a picture I found at Deseret Book of an angel holding a young girl which very much expresses how we all feel about the whole situation.

I had thought the day would be hard. Parts of it were. Most of it was just nice and relaxing. Just the way Britt liked her birthday to be. We all turned down cheesecake for dessert at lunch. Mom turned to me when we were leaving the restaurant and said, teary-eyed, "Britt would have had the cheesecake." She would have had the cheesecake even if she were full.

Happy Birthday, Brittany!