Thursday, March 26, 2009

Awesome Weekend

I thought this should be documented somewhere at least. Oh hey, maybe I should do better at keeping my journal...Anyway...

This last weekend was amazing. We got to do Brittany's temple work. Kate and my Mom were proxies for her at different stages of the process. It was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life thus far. A lot of family and friends were there which made it even more special. After we did that my parents and Giselle were sealed, so she is officially ours. After the ceremony she saw me and was reaching for me from across the room. She's so cute. And she looked like a little angel all dressed in white. I know Brittany got to see it from the other side and she is very proud of her baby girl. Ever since this weekend I've felt a strong sense of peace and contentment that I've been lacking for this past year. It's as if things are official and my sister is finally at rest on the other side of the veil. And now she can continue doing even more work for the Lord.

On Sunday, Morgan and Wyatt were blessed. It was also a very special experience. I remember reaching my hand in the under both babies (at separate times obviously) and just thinking of how much love was in that circle as we welcomed those babies into the world. They truly are blessed to be in such a loving family. I am excited to watch them grow and to be a good uncle to them.

I will post pictures on here and my Facebook page as soon as I get them onto my computer.


  1. My "parental unit"--as Katie calls them--told me all about it and how wonderful it was. I think they really had a good time and said how even your papa went from a little...frazzled? to very calm and contented. I'm so glad for all of you--for all of US.

  2. You should have a journal, you turd! That stuff needs to be written in a journal too! Although, I'm very happy you shared it with everyone. :o)