Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Will the insanity ever end?

I know Christmas is next week but, wow, I just can't believe how many people keep coming in to Deseret Book to buy Christmas stuff. I didn't even know there were this many people in Idaho Falls. Where are they all coming from? Seriously!

Today was a "slow day" and we did nearly $13,000 in revenue.

I've actually been really good this year, despite the insanity at work, at being in the Christmas spirit. The First Presidency devotional this year seemed to have the main message of focusing on the reason for the season rather than the hubbub of the commercial side of it. I am determined to keep my feet firmly planted and fight against the "commerciality" of the season.

Onward and upward, my friends!


  1. At least if people are coming in and buying from Deseret Book, you know that they are buying some good stuff instead of like... underwear or something. :o) I agree with you the First Presidency Devotional was way awesome!

  2. Amen! Way to keep that Christmas spirit going. We (because we were in UT for two weeks) just decorated our tree and put the Christmas decorations up last night. The 17th isn't too late, is it??

    About vacation--January is our coldest month. I know anything above freezing will be warm to you, but I'd suggest coming in late-ish Feb. Although, Dave's parents came in Jan. and we still had a blast. Also, if you wait till April, Dave has a week off then. Your choice--we're cool with whatever. Can't WAIT!