Friday, February 24, 2012

Crypto Tech

I just realized that I hadn't made this announcement on my blog. It is a little bit old news now, but this seems to make it even more official.

I've joined the Navy. That's not the news. I got the job I wanted! There were some bumps in the road to get it, but I would go through it all again in a heartbeat. My new rating in the Navy is cryptologic technology technician (crypto tech or CTT for short). Let me explain how it happened.

My recruiter has been amazing and I owe him a lot for having my back. He called me up saying he had an information systems job I could take. I was iffy about it so I told him to give me some time. Even though he was reluctant to give it time because it wouldn't last very long, he let me think about it. I did some research on IT and saw that it is very translatable to civilian life and that it is just a really good job. However, I couldn't shake the feeling that it would be settling or that I wouldn't like it. But, I figured it was better than doing the rating I was in (to avoid conflict I will not tell what that rating was). So I decided I would call my recruiter in the morning and take the IT job if that was really my only option right now.

Well, I called him and told him just that. He laughed and said "You're a big pain in the butt, you know that?" Apparently I missed my shot for the IT rating. Truth be told I was relieved. It was more a mixture of relief and despair that I would be stuck in my original rating. Then he told me there was a CTT job opening leaving in April!

That next morning I went in to answer some questions about my background and then I signed a paper and we faxed it back in. Then it was the waiting game. We didn't wait long. They called my recruiter and said that it was a typo and the job wasn't leaving til August. They did not want to push my departure date back so it looked like we were back at square one.

Discouraged and saddened, I left the recruiter's office trying to think of the positives about my original rating because it looked like I was going to be in it no matter what. I worked out some of my anguish at Crossfit, even though deep down I felt like things were still going to work out. Whether that meant I was going to be in my original rating and find out that I loved it or I was going to get the job I wanted, I was not sure at the moment.

Once I left my Crossfit gym, I saw I missed a call from my recruiter. I didn't even listen to the voicemail, I just called him right back. He said "You've been selected for the CTT rating. You can either leave in April in your original rating or you can go in August in the CTT rating."

August? Six more months of waiting? A whole year after I swore in at MEPS?

I decided to go with the CTT rating despite the wait. Really, that's the only downer in this whole predicament. I got the job I wanted and it's going to rock!

So, my official departure date has changed from April 17 to August 9. More time to prepare, get in shape, spend time with family and friends before my life changes drastically for the better. It is amazing how little stress I feel lately. I didn't realize that my job change had stressed me out so much. My recruiter is trying to get my departure moved up, but it might not happen. I will keep ya'all posted!


  1. Hate to have to ask, Jake, but what exactly is a crypto tech?
    Congratulations, though!

    1. Crypto techs deal mostly with gathering intelligence through radar signals.

      That's my job description right there. :)