Monday, July 19, 2010

San Diego 2010

I have returned from a trip to San Diego! It was pretty much amazing and I really don't want to be back in reality right now.

The itinerary went as follows:
Drive 8+ hours to Las Vegas.
Check in to Marriott hotel.Dinner at La Cantina in the Tuscany Hotel.Walk forever and a day on the strip.
Back to hotel.Sleep it off.

Thursday:Drive 4 hours to San Diego.
Dinner at Popeye's.Find the beach. Scope out good spots.
Watch the sunset over the ocean.
Go back to hotel.
Hit the jacuzzi.
Stop at the Mormon Battalion Center in Old Town San Diego.
Hit the beach for 4 hours.Walk around the shops.
Eat fish tacos.Shop a little more.
Back to the hotel.
Dinner and more sight seeing.

Drive back to Las Vegas.
Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe.
Meet Big Deb. The bestest waitress ever.Go to Fremont Street of amazingness.
Dance with a random girl.
Have a good time.
The long drive back to Idaho.
Stop in St. George to see the Hadleys and the Youngs.
Stop in SLC to surprise Brittany Gerard for her birthday.
Try to stay awake on the late night drive from SLC to Rigby.

Now it's back to reality.

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  1. YEAH!!! you have a blog! We can be blog buddies! :D And I have to say it was a great surprise to see you both! You all just need to move here! It's alomost a party. hehehehe