Monday, October 4, 2010

Surrounded by Idiots

So awhile ago my headlight went out.

I fixed it. I was proud of myself.

A couple days later the other one went out.

I purchased the bulb for it. Got an extra one so that, in case another one decided to go out, I would be prepared. I had issues getting that one fixed so it was delayed in getting done.

A few days later I drove to Blackfoot for the Eastern Idaho State Fair. On the way back I got pulled over. The cop did not cite me for the light even though that was the reason he stopped me. No. He got me for not having my updated insurance to present to him. Lame.

I was given a couple weeks to put in my proof of insurance. I procrastinated and did not get it in until a day late. Oops on my part.

They sent me a letter saying "Hey, you missed this so you have to appear in court or pay this fine or else your license will be suspended." Oh crap.

So I got right on that and called them. They got my fax of my insurance. The next day they called and said that my case had been dismissed and that everything was fine. I would not have my license suspended nor would I have to pay anything.

Great! I was relieved but something kept niggling at the back of my brain with this feeling that it was not all good.

Lo and behold today I get a letter in the mail saying my license was suspended. WTF?

So I called the peeps. They said "Oh it was just sent out before they dismissed your ticket."


Just to cover my butt I called the Idaho Transportation Department in Boise. They said essentially the same thing.

I hate how this little thing has blown up into a huge thing. Granted, I should not have procrastinated, but they made me feel like a criminal for not having it in. I am a law-abiding citizen. Get up off me!

So if I end up in jail because they didn't have their stuff together, let this be proof and documentation of what happened on my side of the story. I swear...Don't waste your time on me, all you law-folk. Go find some drug deals to bust.

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  1. I feel that for having lines and lines of people lined up at the DMV and ticket after ticket to "enter into the system" that the fine people who work for our Motor Vehicle common good are misinformed as to how much time they have to waste on the small stuff.

    P.S. I know this probably makes no sense due to my sleep deprivation of late, but you know what I mean, right?