Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You Know You're a Book Nerd When...

I went to the mall tonight. For those that know me, they know that when I say that it usually means that I actually only went to Barnes and Noble and did not, in fact, see any other part of the mall. While this is usually true, tonight I went for the sole purpose of not going to Barnes and Noble. Sad day. Mark it on your calendar because it is a rarity for sure.

Instead of going to my beloved book store I went to JCPenney where I found this amazing deal on dress shirts. Who can beat $20.00 for a nice new white shirt? I know I couldn't. So I had to purchase.

After my JCPenney find I was in a shopping mood so I meandered on down to American Eagle which has quickly become a favorite clothes shopping place of mine. I found a new pair of pants for $20.00 and a couple new shirts. I was on a roll.

I still had time to kill so I decided I would browse around Barnes and Noble, figuring that with the time constraint I would be ok and not spend money on books I do not need.

Well, I browsed around and was about to leave but then I remembered that a new book by James Dashner had come out, so I wanted to see if I could just look at it. So I went back to the teen fiction section. There I saw my cousin, Brandon, and his newly-turned-twenty-year-old wife, Brittany. (They are a cute little couple I might add.)

I got to talking to them.

Brandon: We're looking for a book.

Me: What book is it?

Brittany: The...Pact?

Me: Oh! By Jodi Picoult?

Brittany: Yeah! That is the name!

Me: It's over here. (I quickly busted into retail, bookstore, customer service mode, walked down to the Fiction and Literature section and walked directly to the Jodi Picoult section and handed them The Pact.)

Brandon and Brittany were indeed impressed with my ability to just walk right to a book. We were talking about Terry Goodkind's amazing Sword of Truth series then they shared their plans for the evening where they would be celebrating Brittany's birthday. I told them I was going to see The Town and proceeded to tell them that it was adapted from a book. I really don't know why I was spouting off all this needless information, but I just grabbed the book right off the shelf and showed it to them.

Again, they were impressed. I played it off as...

"I never spend any time in here. I don't know what you're talking about."

Big sigh.


In case all the book reviews on this blog were not enough evidence I am going to confess right now: I am a book nerd. Barnes and Noble is, indeed, one of my favoritest places in the world.

There you have it.


  1. I can't go into B&N because I don't have enough dinero to appease even a small portion of my appetite. That, and I haven't read a novel in the greater part of a year. I read your book reviews and silently add books to my "to read later" list which, at this rate, will be longer than my lifespan even if I read a book a day. Some things are worse than being a book nerd. Being a book nerd (even in small form--I'm NOTHING compared to you! :) ) and not being able to really read--now, THAT's sad. Instead I read children's books and my grammar book one rule at a time. Again, THAT's nerdy!

    P.S. This is a small explanation why I have not gotten you the review of your book that I promised a year ago. I still have the desire to read it. It's not you. It's me. Can we still be friends?

  2. Have you ever considered working there?

    That kind of reminded me of the scene in You've Got Mail when her store is closed and she's sitting in Fox Books and the lady asks about the Shoe books and she spouts of all sorts of information about the books, even though she doesn't work there.

  3. James Dashner's new book doesn't come out till next week (sigh) and I love your quote you have on the rainbow picture.