Friday, March 11, 2011

Challenge Day #15

Today I get to post about something I cannot leave the house without.

This is probably where some of my OCD stuff comes out. I have to have things in their right place whenever I go somewhere. My keys have to be in my right pants pocket, my phone and my chapstick in my left pocket, and my wallet in my back right pocket. Those are all habits I've had since my mission. I carry chapstick everywhere I go ever since I got back from Florida because I am keenly aware, now, of just how dry it is here in Idaho especially in the winter. Before Florida I didn't really even notice.

All that being said I think the one thing I cannot leave home without is my iPod. Music keeps me going. Enough said.
However, I also have to bring a book or my Nook with me everywhere. You never know when you will have a moment to read a couple pages.

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