Friday, February 20, 2009

These are a few of my NOT favorite things

1.PLACE- Hmmm...I'd have to agree with Sarah on the Wal-Mart answer. Try working there for nearly 3 years. Yeah. Now I hate it cause I go there and spend money I don't have. Oy.

2.GAME- Risk. Enough said.

3.BOOK- There are very few books that I can actually say I don't like. I usually steer clear of books that I know I won't like. And if I'm reading a book I don't like I've gotten to the point where I can seriously just put it down and never think about it again. One book I wish I'd done that with was A Pyromaniac's Guide to Houses in New England. Something like that. It was a waste of time. No point to the story whatsoever.

4.SOUND- Beeping alarm clocks which is why I use the radio on my alarm.

5.TV/RADIO HOST- I'm sure this is sacrilegious but Glenn Beck annoys me. Not that he's not cool. Maybe I just get too much of him at work. We have "An Unlikely Mormon" playing nonstop there. Enough already!

6.STYLE OF DANCE- I love dancing! My least favorite is American style dances. It makes me sound un-fun but I don't really like swing dancing. I like the triple step, but all the other hootinanny I don't particularly care for.

7. CANDY- black licorice. nasty.

8.ANIMAL- Sharks. My most favorite is lions and giraffes.

9.TIME OF DAY- Morning.

10.PERSON- I don't like this question. Like I'm really going to say who I don't like.

11.FOOD- Tomatoes and onions are evil.

2. DRINK- I'm not a fan of grape sodas. I used to be when I was little. But not so much anymore.

3. BAND/MUSIC GROUP/SINGER- I cannot stand the Jonas Brothers.

4. SEASON- winter. give me spring, summer, and/or fall any day.

5. SPORT- golf

6. MOVIE- Eagle Eye is up there just cause of the gay ending.

7. ACTOR- the new Tom Cruise (although I have to admit he was back in his game in Valkyrie and Mission Impossible 3)

8. ACTRESS- Jennifer Love Hewitt or Sarah Michelle Gellar. It's a tossup.

9. TV SHOW- I agree, Sarah, reality shows are lame.

10. RESTAURANT - Perkins

11. CAR- I'm not sure.

12. HOLIDAY- Valentines

13. CLOTHING ON THE OPPOSITE SEX - those nasty snowboot shoes that girls tuck their pants into. If it's done right it's a pretty sexy look, but it can be done very wrong.

14. COLOR- Blue even though I wear it a lot and it goes with just about everything. I think I don't like it because it's almost becoming a neutral.


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