Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Shmalentines

So I am single on Valentines Day. Again. I don't usually care for this holiday and this year I'm particularly not fond of it because, yet again, I don't have anyone to call my Valentine. I was at work last night and overheard a woman talking on the phone. A snippet of her conversation made me think. She said, "I just don't think I need a holiday to make him feel special." How tender. I think she meant it as a rebellion against Valentines Day, but she is really only celebrating the purpose more vigorously by being so adamant against it. Does that make sense? St. Valentine was executed for secretly marrying couples. Really, secret love is what Valentines Day is all about. None of this huge display of affection stuff you see today. So...this woman at my work place was, in actuality, celebrating the true meaning of Valentines by keeping her love between her and her husband and not proclaiming it to the world with gifts and flowers and all that jazz.

I'm sure I'd be singing a different tune if I had someone to call my Valentine sweetheart. To an extent I agree with the woman I overheard yesterday. You shouldn't need a day set aside to tell your sweetheart that you love them and show your affection toward them. But what harm is there? I mean...really.

One Valentines Day a couple years ago I decided that I was going to send flowers to a girl no matter if we were dating or not. So I picked a girl that I had had my eye on for a bit. She was in my American lit. class. She was from Tennessee so she had this fun little accent. For all intents and purposes I was just doing this to be nice. I wasn't trying to make the moves on her. Silly me. I should have known that it would be misread. She thanked me for the flowers and then she was awkward around me the rest of the semester because she actually did have someone she was starting to date. Talk about feeling retarded. Oh well...I felt good for the fact that I was able to send someone flowers on that day.

If I ever feel inclined to do something like that again please stop me.

I really don't know what I'm trying to say in this post. Guess I just needed to clear my thoughts about this whole holiday. I support it in its true form as a secret love celebration with none of its hooplah. I despise it when I'm single during it because I don't get to partake in the joy of sending a gift to someone. But I do think it's okay to have a holiday set aside where you can pay special attention to your significant other.

So for those of you who have a Valentine this year, please, DON'T COMPLAIN! (*cough cough* Mike) It's falling on deaf ears here. I'm sick of hearing complaints because, hey, at least you have someone to call your Valentine. There are those of us who are painfully aware of their singlehood on this day, and we'd prefer to be in your place if you don't want to be.

Thank you very much.

And Happy Valentines Day!


  1. Celebrating love isn't just for couples. There are some of us that LOVE our parents and our nieces and nephews. There are some that do nice things for friends. Just because you aren't dating someone does not mean that you don't have any LOVE to celebrate. Instead of lamenting, try to get something really AWESOME for your niece and nephews for the few years that you have before you have a spouse and kid's to take care of and you can't spoil them anymore.

  2. Jacob, if you ever need someone to send flowers to, I will gladly sacrifice myself for your cause. I promise my husband won't get jealous nor will I act awkward around you. You have my solemn oath. :D

  3. Amen to Tianna (and shame on her for stealing my thought! :) )

    I love you, Jay. Will you be MY Valentine this year?

  4. thanks, ladies, for your comments! :) I hadn't thought of getting valentine stuff for my niece and nephews. dangitall. And Tianna and Anne, I'll keep that in mind. lol