Thursday, September 24, 2009


Here's my quick review of the latest album release from one of my favorite bands, Brand New.

Album Title: Daisy

Track 1. "Vices" Wow. It starts out with a soft, mellow recording of a woman singing in a very vibrato voice. This goes on for nearly two minutes so you get all used to the softness then Brand New freaks you out with a loud intro to the song. Holy cow. I seriously jumped and my heart began to race the first two times I heard the song. The third time I was prepared for it. It's a little too screamy for my tastes, but still a good song.

Track 2. "Bed" Love it. It's a little darker, mellower sound than "Vices" but this is the sound I grew to love from their The Devil and God is Raging Inside of Me album.

Track 3. "At the Bottom" A little harder. Has a catchy sound to it.

Track 4. "Gasoline" Love the drums in this one.

Track 5. "You Stole" Slower and mellow but full of hate. This is classic Brand New.

Track 6. "Be Gone" Love the background to this song. There's a guitar and a sweet beat to it, but the words are muffled to the point that you can't understand what they're saying. This was done on purpose, but it's my least favorite song on the album because of it.

Track 7. "Sink" Groovy beat that reminds me a little of The White Stripes. Great song. I even like it despite the screamo chorus.

Track 8. "Bought a Bride" Love it.

Track 9. "Daisy" One of my favorite tracks on the album mostly because of the lyrics. Stuff like "I'm a mountain that's been moved...I'm an ocean nothing floats on...I'm a sky nothing wants to fly in..." Good stuff.

Track 10. "In a Jar" Yep. Love it.

Track 11. "Noro" Great song. Starts all slow and then gives a nice buildup to a rockin' tune. Love the drums.

All in all I give this album two enthusiastic thumbs way, way up. Great holiday fun. :)

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