Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Soul Burner Update

I am writing a novel. The working title, right now, is Soul Burner. There are other titles floating around in my brain, but I've yet to come across something that I like as much as SB.

Call me nerdy or trendy or whatever's about vampires. I'm trying to make the story less about the vampire aspect and more about the relationships within the story and how even vampires have human foibles. I want it to have more depth than your average vampire novel. We'll see how that goes. Judge me all you want, I like vampires. I'm not some goth. I just like the idea of them in a literary sense.

Right now I am at about 46,000 words which roughly translates into approximately 184 published pages. This project has been about two years in the making so it's not really all that good that I've only been able to do that much in so long. For a first novel, though, this is quite an accomplishment for me. My goal is to have the rough manuscript done by Halloween then spend November and December fixing stuff and getting it ready to send off to publishers in January. Cross your fingers. I worry that I'm doing all this work for nothing even though I really have faith in this story. I love the story and want to share it with everyone.


  1. That's awesome Jake! I'm sure you'll get published and Jeremy and I will be the first in line to buy it! P.S. Love the title!

  2. Great Goals Jake! Keep the good attitude and you'll be able to make them all happen!!

  3. Good for you. I always did like your writing style, looking forward to seeing this work in progress mature into fruition.

  4. The Megan Fox picture actually really really works for Dylan... not gonna lie! =)