Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dang Knee

So a couple years ago I hurt my knee. My dad said that I tore a ligament or something. It swelled up like a balloon and I could not put very much pressure on my foot after it happened.

Just a few days ago I did something to agitate the injury and it has swelled up again and it feels like I just injured it all over again.

My workout routine has suffered because of this. But today I decided I would try to do the workout with a knee brace. I was able to do the workout but there were some exercises that hurt more than usual (not enough to make me stop, though).

Yesterday I worked 9 hours and spent most of those on my feet on concrete floors. By the end of the day my back, hips, and legs were aching. I felt like I was twice my age because of it. I've got to get this stupid knee working right again.

1 comment:

  1. Oh dear! Not fun! I hope it heals quickly for you, but you know... you've been through it before, it's going to take awhile. I blew my knees out two years ago playing basketball. (both of them) I was so mad at myself!! Anywho, it's not about me.... Get better Jake, maybe get some reading done. :o)