Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Directions

Ha! I kill myself. I was going to name this post something lame like "Community Park Branch" but I decided to be more creative. Then I was thinking that the main point of this post is how things are changing in my life. So I thought..."New Directions." Why does that sound familiar?

Probably because of...
The Glee Club in the tv show is called New Directions.
So glad I could start this post with an aside.

But, first, I read an article in OK! Magazine (we get the subscription mysteriously at our house and we're not sure why. Don't judge) about the upcoming season of Glee and its already popular Britney Spears episode. I really hope all the hype is worth it. It's Glee of course it will be worth it. Right?

I am so excited for that episode because it is where they will expand the character of Brittany, the ditzy blonde cheerleader that dances like a maniac. She is one of my favorites.

Looking at this picture, Heather Morris (Brittany) actually sort of looks like Britney Spears. I never would have guessed. Anyway...if you could not tell...I am stoked about the new season starting in like two weeks.


On to the real purpose of this post.

I have switched wards (if you don't know what I'm talking about by wards click here). The singles ward in Rigby was just not doing it for me. It took them a year and a half to give me a calling and, even then, three or four weeks to set me apart (they have yet to actually do it. I guesstimate that it would have taken six weeks for them to actually set me apart). Stick a fork in me; I am done.

I work with a girl who goes to this awesome branch in Idaho Falls. She was telling me about it and had been telling me all about their fun activities while I just sat around being mad about how dumb my ward was. She had invited me to come but I was going through a bad, dark part of my life and so I never really wanted to go. But things have been changing for me lately and so when she invited me to a dance they were having on the Snake River pier in Idaho Falls I decided to go. It had been a long, long, long time since I'd been to a YSA dance.

Man, am I glad I did! It was so much fun! And I met some really cool peeps, most of which were really cute girls.

So that Sunday I went to the branch with my coworker/friend (Lindsey). It was such a breath of fresh air. The Spirit was so strong and I could feel the love the presidency had for the members and the unity within the branch.

Since then I have been to their FHE and a visiting night in which we go around and invite people to come to the branch. If you know me, the last couple years I have been pretty antisocial (not all entirely my fault really) so this is a big step for me. I loved it though. This has been such a good week!

So, Rigby Singles Ward, hasta la vista!

Hellooooooooo Community Park Branch!




  1. So what does this mean about the whole moving thing?

  2. Good question. I think it's just postponed for a bit. We shall see.