Monday, May 3, 2010

Papa Made Me Sad

So I came home from work today and the first people I saw were my parents. No big deal, but usually I see Gigi first. This made me think that something was wrong. Either Gigi had gotten in trouble or she was playing downstairs or something. After I put my stuff down and talked to my mom for a minute I went in search for her.

Me: Where's Gigi?

Mom: She's here.

Gigi pops up around the corner in her pajamas and cute little pig-tails.

Gigi: (looking up at me with big, brown, puppy-dog eyes) Papa made me sad.

Me: (laughing) He did?

Mom: (carrying a bunch of Gigi's clothes to the washer) Pick up your stuff and bring them to me, Gigi, or I'll make you sad too.

Gigi: I don't make you sad, Mama, I make you happy. (After the fact I realized this didn't quite make sense but it was awesome when she said it.)

And later...

Me: (reading a book)

Gigi: Want to hide in this blanket with me?

Me: (shaking my head while reading)

Gigi: There's enough room in here for you.

Me: (shaking my head)

Gigi: See. I hide here and you hide there (spreading the blanket for me which is clearly not big enough for the two of us).

Me: I'm reading.

And just a few minutes later she's off the blanket thing and onto something else:

Gigi: Want to go to my bedroom? (This is something she always asks and something I hope she doesn't ever ask a boy in any time in the future.)

Me: (closed my book, having given up on reading with Gigi around) Not really. What's in your bedroom?

Gigi: (thinking about it seriously) Mmmmm...some clothes, toys, and beds.

Me: There's beds in your bedroom.

Gigi: Just my bed. Your bed is downstairs.

Me: Oh. I had no idea. (I should probably cool the smart alecky business with the two year old but I can't help it.)

That was a glimpse into my night with Gigi. Good times for all! She went to bed really nicely tonight which means she's been trained well. Some nights aren't as easy.


  1. On the boys-in-the-bedroom thing: Recently we borrowed The Little Mermaid from a friend and Jackson watched it 5x a day for a week (this may be a slight exaggeration, but that's what it felt like). One morning, after we had returned the movie, I went into his bedroom and he said, "Little Mermaid slept with me last night." Hmmm...I'm not quite sure if I should be concerned about that or not seeing as he's only 4. I guess, in the sentiments of my dad, "Just as long as he's not playing with her sea shells!" :)

  2. She is so many levels of adorable!

  3. Awee! I love it. Little kids are the funniest. My sister decided to let my 4 year old niece know the truth about the Easter Bunny last month. Hailey (my niece) looked at Heather (my sister) and with the saddest big eyes said "But, I thought he really hopped into our house and hid the Easter baskets!" Heather, trying not to laugh at the cutie in front of her, said "Oh, I was kidding, he does." Haha.