Monday, May 17, 2010

No Bake Disaster

So I've been craving No Bake Cookies for a few weeks now. My parents went out of town so I had the whole house to myself last night, so I decided to finally break down and make some delicious No Bake Cookies.

I could just taste the gooey, chocolaty, scrumptious morsels as I poured in all the ingredients and started up the stove. I stirred with my mouth watering for some sugar. The recipe I had said to boil it for THREE minutes. I thought to myself "Self, that's a really, really long time to make this stuff boil, but who are we to judge. It HAS been a while since you made these cookies. Maybe it really is three minutes." Part of me wanted to question that but I decided "What harm could it do to boil it for three minutes?"

By the time I dumped the chocolate mixture in with the oats it was an airy, bubbly mass that had made this weird mucus at the bottom of the pot. I was certain my task had failed but I had to see it through to the end.

It looked all right at first, and I thought "Hey, maybe I didn't fail after all."

Then I started scooping it out onto the tin foil. Yeah. It was cooling and beginning to take on a very crumbly, dry, nasty texture. I tasted it. It tasted decent and I was still trying to satisfy a craving, so I decided to eat one with a cup of milk to damp down the dryness. As I was doing so the thought occurred to me:

If I'm going to get fat on cookies it had better be a dang good cookie.

So I took the dried up cookies, all that wasted sugar, and dumped it in the garbage. It was a sad ending to my story but I decided that my body would thank me for it later.

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  1. Next time you make them, instead of timing it, use my mom's trick. Have a mug of cold water handy. Boil for 1 minute. Dip a spoon in, then let the chocolate goo run off into your mug. If the goo forms a ball, it's done. If it doesn't, pour it out, fill the cup up with cold water and try again. (You've given the chocolate about 20-30 more seconds to boil at this point. Ish.) Repeat until your chocolaty goo forms a ball upon hitting the cold water.

    Peek into my past: my brother and I once considered making No Bake Cookie Cereal where we would purposely cook it too long so that it would be dry and crumbly. Just add milk! Voila! Yummy cereal! (Yes, this is my high-metabolism youth coming out. Back when I had no idea what it was like to try to lose weight.)

    Very oddly, the word verification for this comment is "fatters". Huh.