Monday, May 31, 2010


So you know how on the 22nd I announced that my hiatus from writing was over? It really wasn't. I tried to get back to writing this week but it just wasn't working still. That being said, I did make some edits that I felt good about, but that was the extent of it. My re-reading of the novel was unsuccessful. It's pretty bad when the author can't make it through his own book. So I figured I needed to do some rethinking.

Yesterday I was trying to re-read again and got an epiphany that will forever change the face of the book. I'm restructuring it completely different and tightening my focus on one character to begin with: Dylan. And I'm not going with the name Dylan anymore. Her name is Gabrielle and, in modern times, she goes by Dylan because Gabrielle "is dead and means nothing to (her)." There's several contradictions with the name change so I'm going to drop the Dylan thing.

Guess I shouldn't give all my secrets away but oh well. What's going to happen is the book will be broken down into three parts. Part One focuses on Gabrielle and Sebastian. You will see Gabrielle transform from an innocent young woman to a woman in love with a dangerous man to a woman bent on revenge for the slaughter of her family. Her ultimate decision to become a vampire will be explained better. Part Two will bring us to modern times where a young man named Riley meets a ruthless and cold Gabrielle and we'll see her transform again as she tries to protect Riley's innocence. Part Three will be the showdown between Sebastian and Gabrielle's underground force.

So I guess this means the hiatus is officially over. I'm actually excited to get to writing this because I think it does more justice to Gabrielle's story.

And another clue that the hiatus is done is that I have another novel idea. I didn't want to reveal anything about this story because I don't think much has ever been done with it before. So, instead of telling you what it is, I'm just going to put some teaser covers I made last night on here and you can see if you can guess. Just let your imagination guide you.

The working title is Befall, which the idea is that subsequent books would also have titles like it i.e. Betwixt, Belittle, Between, Beget, etc. You get the idea.

Concept 1 is probably my favorite of the two...

...but I like the mystery and the colors in Concept 2.


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