Thursday, September 15, 2011

Delayed Trio

So there may be more novels in the works someday. At this point in time I just don't know when I'd be able to actually write all these ideas. Last night at work a coworker and I came up with titles for a trio of books: Delayed Revenge, Delayed Hope, and Delayed Anticipation. Whether or not these things actually come to fruition is another story altogether. You have to admit, however, that they are pretty tight titles.

Speaking of...I hear nasty rumor that publishers don't let authors have a whole lot of say to the title of their book. Is this true? If so, I'mma be a mad pirate. I have a nice, neat, cohesive, and never-been-done before idea for my Tales of the Unluckiest Lucky girl series, and I want to have my say, dammit! So...if any of you know if this is just a falsehood or if there is any truth to it whatsoever, please pass the word on (either way) to me. I promise I will not kill the messenger. 

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