Thursday, August 19, 2010

Befall Teaser 2

“All right. Whatever. If it happens, then great. If Grady is psychotic then I will know tomorrow for sure and Jesse and I can go on our date as if nothing happened.”
I yawned and my eyes watered a little. “This is silly.” The clock by my bed showed that it was 2 AM. Work was going to be really fun tomorrow with so little sleep.
I dropped my shoes and put the coin on my nightstand, and then crawled into bed, turning off the light. Just before I closed my eyes I saw an orange-ish glow on my nightstand. The coin.
It was glowing as if it were on fire. The light was getting brighter and brighter.
“What the---?” I turned my light back on and it actually drowned out the unnatural light coming from the golden coin.
“I must be dreaming,” I sighed even though I knew that was not true. I grabbed the coin, half expecting it to burn my hand, but it felt normal.
“All right. Fine,” I said. Yes, I was talking to the coin now. Don’t judge me. “I’ll make the dumb wish.”
I grabbed my shoes, just wanting to go back to bed and forget this night ever happened. It was a good thing I was alone because I was already embarrassed enough as it was.
Ever the drama queen, I raised the coin high above my head and called out into the empty air. “I wish Jesse Phillips would fall madly in love with me forever and ever.”
It might have been my imagination but it seemed like the coin vibrated after I said those words.
“This is creepy,” I muttered, stuffing the coin into one of the shoes.
I put the shoes back in the closet and climbed back in bed again. As soon as the light was out again and my head hit the pillow I was fast asleep.

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  1. This sounds awesome, I want to read more about this.