Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me! Pt. 1

Today is my 27th birthday!!! Happy Birthday to me!

Thus far this is what I did today:

  • Rolled out of bed at 9:30 AM when I fully intended to get up early and workout.
  • Ate Frosted Flakes for breakfast. I knew it would be a good day because I got the end of the box which is my favorite part. Mmmm...sugary goodness.
  • Went to Idaho Falls with my best friend, Mike.
  • Got $25 gift card to iTunes from Mike.
  • Browsed at Barnes & Noble. Mike talked me out of buying some books because he said I might get gift cards (which is likely because my family knows how to please me).
  • Went to Macy's and splurged. I'm so excited for the clothes I bought though. Mainly a blazer-jacket that will be awesome.
  • Went to American Eagle and splurged again.
  • Mike told every worker we ran into at every store we went to (except Barnes & Noble...which is good because I'm there a lot and don't want to have to feel embarrassed to show my face there again) that it was my birthday. I played along and asked for a birthday discount. No go.
  • Ate lunch at Red Robin. It was delicious! They gave me balloon ears and sang to me. It was embarrassing. Thanks, Mike.
  • Mike's car window (previously taped by scotch tape because it would no longer stay up on its own accord) came loose again and he had to hold it up most of the way from Idaho Falls to Rigby. I got a kick out of it.
  • We had the birthday song they sang to us at Red Robin stuck in our heads the whole way back from Idaho Falls.
And now I'm just enjoying peace and quiet while my parents are out riding their ponies and Gigi is at the babysitter. What a great day!

To Be Continued...



    ~ Twerpie. ;)

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like the first part of your birthday is great! Can't wait to hear how the rest of the day went!