Thursday, August 26, 2010

Book ADD

Ever since I finished The Imperfectionists I've had such ADD when it comes to books. I am not one to read more than one book at once, but I think I have started six in the last little bit.

1. The Outside Boy: Very well-written so far just not something I'm in the mood for, so it has been put back on the shelf.

2. The Sound and the Fury: Faulkner is amazing but I just could not get myself to want to read this. I am going to try again. I just need to be more in the mood. Back on the shelf you go. For now.

3. Anthem: I started a book club on Facebook and this is the first book I chose to read for it. It is a short read and I will finish it in the next couple days I think. I'm very interested in Ayn Rand's objectivist theory and the commentaries this and her other books make on society.

4. The Constant Art of Being a Writer: Yeah. I've been plugging through this one for awhile now. I'm just not a nonfiction reader. While this book is very interesting and I like what I'm learning from it, I would much rather pick up a fiction novel than pick up a book that tells me all the things I'm doing wrong as a writer.

5. Mockingjay: YAY! Suzanne Collins' final book in her trilogy of The Hunger Games. It is really good so far and I'm betting it will cure me of my book ADD.

6. The Dark Divine: I'm almost done with it. It's another teen fiction novel. I'm pretty sure I'm about cured of stories like this one. It follows the same formula as most teen fiction does these days thanks to Twilight. I really wish there could be some more originality and better writing in the teen fiction world. Good thing we have Suzanne Collins and Cassandra Clare to bring some hope to that genre. I find myself snickering as I read this book when it's supposed to be serious. I will give more in my review.

So you see my dilemma. I know some people can handle having so many books going on at once. Some people thrive on that, but not me. I like to give one book my full attention. As a writer I like to think that people will give my own books that same courtesy. I can hope, can't I?

I guess one good thing for all this is that I will be giving a lot of book reviews in the next few days. You may not think that's a good thing...but that's just your opinion. Jerk.


  1. Totally understand. I'm in book ADD right now as well. I had only gotten four chapters into one, so I removed by bookmark and placed in on my shelf to restart again at a later date. I purchased 2 more books for my trip and placed them in my backpack so I wouldn't be tempted to start them. I've gotten a little farther into The Bone Rattler, adn I just got a package today from B&N. Gosh, I have a problem.

  2. Maybe it's in the air. I haven't felt in the mood to finish a I don't remember how long. Sad, I know. And I'm the kind of person who NEEDS TO FINISH THE BOOK! If something doesn't change, and soon, I may check myself into a therapist.

    And, by the way, the WORD VERIFICATION below is "slilly" and I think that's silly.

  3. wow! That's awesome! You're definitely book guy!

  4. I'm glad I am not alone in my ADD.

    Kelli: What books did you end up getting for your trip?

    Anne B.: I'm usually that type of person too that HAS to finish the book whether it's torturous or not. One of my professors sort of broke me of that. She said "If you don't have me by 100 pages, you won't have me in 300 so I'm putting you back on the shelf." She was awesome.

    Megan: Yeah I'm a book guy. It's basically my passion. :)