Thursday, March 25, 2010

Arguing with a 2 Year Old

I find myself arguing with Gigi more and more. Mostly it's because it's fun and she actually puts up a fight. So there's the entertainment value. And also she's going to need to be able to stand up for herself in this family. So here are some of the latest arguments I've had with my niece:

(I cleaned my disaster of a room today. She comes down to my room with a popsicle.)

Me: I don't want you to have that in here, Gigi. I just cleaned.

Gigi: (gives me her big doe-eyed stare as if I'm speaking Russian)

Me: Seriously. Finish it and come back. (I knew she wanted to get on my bed which is why I was putting up a fight. Preventive measures.)

Gigi: But I want to. (That's usually her answer to everything.)

Me: But this is my room.

Gigi: This isn't your room!

Me: Umm...Yeah it is.

Gigi: No it's not. This is Papa's room.

Me: I don't think so.

So I dropped that argument and only a few minutes later we had this one:

Gigi: Your room is stinky.

Me: My room's not stinky.

Gigi: *sniffs* Yeah it is.

Me: You mean it smells good because I just cleaned and dusted and everything?

Gigi: No it's stinky.

Me: You're stinky.

Gigi: No I not!

Me: Yeah you are. I can smell you from here. (She really wasn't stinky. Part of the fun about arguments with Gigi is that she and I have the same sense of humor. Sad to think that I have the same humor as a 2 year old. Oh well.)

I won that one because she gave up first. HA!

The other day she pointed to an obviously purple item (I can't remember what it was. All I know is it was purple.)

Gigi: I like that blue!

Me: That's purple, Gigi.

Gigi: No it's not. It's blue.

Me: I'll compromise (Yes, I use big words with her. Call me crazy. She doesn't know what I'm talking about.), it's purple-blue.

Gigi: That's not purple. It's blue.

Me: Ok. It's blue.

Sometimes I just give up because I realize how silly it is to argue with a 2-year old.

Gigi: I'm not two! I'm two and a half!

I think I should top arguing with her's too much fun. Besides, I think it's good for her.

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  1. You must only have one child at that house (technically speaking. I'm not counting the 26-year-old child). When there are more and you have to argue with all of them at some point (and multiple times) during the day, it begins to wear thin. :) :) :) But you're right. Toughen that girl up! :)