Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LOL= Lots Of Love

I was doing a crossword puzzle with my mom tonight and one of the clues was "A chatroom chuckle."

Me: That one's L-O-L.

Mom: (types it in and it's right) Huh.

Me: (wondering why she hasn't moved on to the next one) Laugh out loud (I felt obligated to explain)

Mom: Oh. I thought it was Lots of Love.

Me: (chuckles IRL)

Mom: Oh boy I've sent that to people thinking...(LOL)

Oh good times with my mom!


  1. That's what my mom thought it meant too! Silly...

  2. My mom used to do that as well. She got a lot better about acronyms after I set her up on google talk. Now she's a pro (o: