Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What Was I Thinking?

When I went to Utah this last time I went to lunch with Kelli Buttars (more commonly known as just Buttars, Kell, Red, etc). We had a good ol' time and I saw parts of Draper UT I've never seen before as we drove to a little used bookstore to which Kelli was taking some old books of hers that she was not going to read or had read and didn't wish to re-read. Now, it's not that this is a new concept for me, because it really isn't. I was just inspired to follow Kelli's example and get rid of the books on my shelf that fit this criteria:

A. I had read and was not impressed.

B. I had tried to read and could not finish.

C. I was too embarrassed to say I read them because they were so horrible.


D. I had not read them but had no desire to read them.

Oh and

E. I had not read them and they looked dumb to me now.

Basically if I looked at the book and thought "What was I thinking?" then it went in the pile to be taken to the book exchange. I've yet to box them up and do it so they sit in an obnoxious pile in my bedroom, waiting to be sent to the orphanage for books.

I think my trip with Kelli was just the beginning and then I read (or tried to read) three horrible books (see previous post from March 12th) and decided I had had enough. I am going to be more selective with the books I purchase and read. AND I am NOT going to force myself to finish a book. Why suffer? I mean. Really.

I will report my earnings once I take this pile of books to the bookstore. There are (let me count) 41 books in my pile. Hopefully I can get someone to take them. If not, I guess they are going to be donated to the Deseret Industries.


  1. 41!!! Nice work Jake. You can always save them for your next visit to Utah so that you can be a member of Central Book Exchange as well.

  2. Oh hey, that's a good idea! I will save some of them just for that but I do need to get rid of a bunch so I can have some semblance of sanity.