Saturday, January 1, 2011



I cannot believe it is 2011! It seems like I say that every year, but it just seems like every year is going by faster and faster.

Before I go on and make a list of my goals for this year, I want to make a list of my accomplishments in 2010.

  • Read 28 books (I will make a post for that next time).
  • Went to San Diego and Las Vegas with my friend, Mike.
  • Started attending a new singles branch of awesomeness. This has been one of the greatest changes in my post-graduate life.
  • Got glasses.
  • Got a raise at work. Now I make 15 cents an hour instead of 10.
  • Became a Zumba fanatic which has shown more toning results on my body than any other workout program I have seen out there.
  • Reached 50,000 words on my novel.
  • Started a book club on Facebook. We are on our fifth book already.
  • Took up the guitar and have learned a few chords.

I am sure there are more accomplishments than that, but I can't think of any. Sad when you have to think real hard to figure out what you accomplished in a year. With that in mind, these are my goals for 2011:

  • Read 35 books.
  • Get a new job that pays awesomely.
  • Move out of my parents' house.
  • Get married. (I know, I know...I say it every year. Well, I do but I don't express it apparently. Well, here I am announcing it publicly that this is the year that I, Jacob Taylor, will finally settle down and get hitched. Now to find that girl.)
  • Finish my novel (rough draft, revision, revision, revision, edit, send out to literary agents and publishers, revision, edit, work, work, revise more, and hopefully get the dang thing done and published!)
  • Learn 5 songs on the guitar.
  • Lose 10 more lbs.
  • Go somewhere I have never been before. Boston would be cool. Possibly finally go on a KB Tour to Europe!
  • Speaking of the last one: Get a passport!
  • Start writing the sequel to Befall which is probably going to be titled Beleaguer.
  • Grow out my hair. This time I am actually going to do it. Last time I got the furthest I have ever gotten but this time I am going to refuse to cut my hair even when I really, really want to.
  • Grow a goatee.
  • Be wiser with my money.
I may add to the list as the year goes on. I have posted this on here so I can be accountable for the things I have put on here. If you are reading this and you know me personally, I want you to keep me under your thumb (that's a lot of thumbs to be under but oh well) and see how I am doing at this periodically.

Hope you all have a fantastic new year. I have a feeling that 2011 is the year for greatness!


  1. Great goals!! You can totally complete all of them--best of luck finding that special girl!!! We miss you!

  2. Sorry to tell you that KB European Tours is on hold this year...