Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Fairy Tale of Epic Proportions

I was telling a bed-time story to Gigi the other night. It got a little crazy. This is the closest I could come to remembering how it went.

Once upon a time there was a princess who lived in a cottage because she did not know she was a princess. There were three old women raising her. They were really fairies and they knew they were fairies and that the princess was a princess. They were hiding the princess who did not know she was a princess from the evil fairy, Maleficent.

The princess who did not know she was a princess went out to the woods to pick berries. It was her sixteenth birthday and the three fairies wanted to make her a surprise. So they sent her out to pick berries. She knew something was up but she went anyway.

While she was in the woods she met a handsome young man who was a prince who knew he was a prince but he did not know she was a princess.

In those very same woods, not too far away, was another cottage where another princess lived. She knew she was a princess, but she didn't want anyone to know where she was because her evil stepmother wanted her dead.

Maleficent's crow went out in search for the princess who did not know she was a princess. On his way, the crow saw the other princess who was hiding from her evil stepmother. He returned to the evil fairy's lair and told her what he saw. She called up the evil stepmother and told her where her runaway stepdaughter princess was.

The evil stepmother was mad that her stepdaughter was still alive. She disguised herself as an old crone and took a poisoned apple with her to the woods so she could finally get rid of the princess.

Tinker Bell, who was flying through the woods on her way back to Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, saw the old crone and knew what she was up to. So she went to get help from the seven dwarfs who were working in their mines.

Meanwhile, the princess, who did not know she was a princess, returned to the cottage where her aunts who were really fairies had made a cake and a beautiful gown for her birthday. She was excited. They told her, then, that she was a princess.

While the three fairies were taking their princess to the castle, they saw a carriage riding really fast through the woods. It was a strange thing because the carriage suddenly turned into a pumpkin and there was a girl who had been sitting inside it.

She told the three fairies and their princess that she was just coming home from the ball where she had danced with the prince but she had to leave before her fairy godmother's spell was over. She had left her glass slipper with the prince on accident, but she was secretly hoping that he would use it to find her again.

This reminded the other princess about the young man she had met in the woods and how much she wished to see him again.

While that was going on, the old crone got to the cottage before Tink and the seven dwarfs. The princess took a bite of the poisoned apple and died!

The fairies left the girl in the woods and took their princess to the castle where she was supposed to be safe. Maleficent was waiting though and the princess touched a spindle of a spinning wheel and fell fast asleep.

Both princesses would have to wait for true love's kiss to break the spells they were under!

Tinker Bell knew that the girl in the woods would be able to help her get the princes to the princesses. But the girl in the woods was in trouble too! She was locked away in her attic by her wicked stepmother because the prince was going around town having every woman try on the glass slipper.

Tink and the girl's friends, the mice, eventually got the girl out of the attic. The wicked stepmother's cat tried to stop them but Tink hit him with a baseball bat.

The girl tried on the slipper and it was a perfect fit! The prince had found his princess! Tink and the girl who was now a princess went to the castle where the young man who had met a different girl in the woods lived. They told him of his love's plight and he stormed off to the castle. It was now covered in thorns and briars which he broke through but then there was Maleficent who had changed herself into a dragon. He killed the dragon by throwing his sword into her heart. Then he climbed to the tower where the sleeping beauty was and a true love's kiss woke her from her spell.

Tink and the three good fairies led the others to the woods where a glass coffin sat. Seven dwarfs stood around it with tears in their eyes. They did not know where to find the princess's prince. But then he came on a white horse and kissed the princess. She woke up and the spell was broken.

All of the spells were broken and they all lived happily ever after!

What about Tinker Bell?

She went back to Never-Never Land and played with the Lost Boys and Peter Pan. She, too, met a fairy prince and fell in love and she lived happily ever after as well!

(I purposely didn't use the names of the princesses in the story because it was fun. It made a little more sense in oral form than in written.)

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