Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cleaning with Gigi

It was my day off and what did I do? I cleaned house. Literally.

I started my day with Zumba which got me all energized to just keep going. And going. And going...I really don't know why I just kept going. I had a nice brunch then got to work cleaning the kitchen. Before I started cleaning I popped in my iPod and got the music going. I can clean, mow lawn, till gardens, scrape snow off sidewalks for forever when I have my iPod. Or at least until the battery runs out then I'm done. ha! Give me music to listen to and I can go for hours.

Cleaning the kitchen turned into mopping the floor in the kitchen which turned into getting on my hands and knees to scrubs some spots off the floor in the kitchen. That turned into vacuuming and dusting the front room which turned into organizing Gigi's room, putting all her dang toys away, and vacuuming that too. And I just kept going. I vacuumed the stairs, dusted and vacuumed downstairs, straightened my room up. By this time my mom and Gigi got home and I had browned some hamburger and grated some cheese for supper. While my mom made the taco soup, I vacuumed my room and Gigi had to come and "help."

Once I was done eating, I figured I had better go finish the job and tackle the task I had really wanted to do today. Clean my bathroom.

Gigi put up a fuss and so I let her come down and help me. I had to clean the pipes on my bathroom sink because the drain wasn't, well, draining very good. My cute little niece just kept saying "YUCK! That is yucky! You have a yucky sink!"

I will spare you the details.

The highlight of the day was that Gigi helped me clean my bathroom floor. I gave her Windex and some paper towels and she went to town with it.

And I didn't sit down to relax on my day off until 9:30PM. I love to clean actually. It helps me think. I must have something on my mind. I will get back to that when I have more information. For now, I shall keep you all in suspense.

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  1. Hmmm...I'm thinking that when you come visit I'll just hook you up to our music and set you to work. That'll teach ya. :)