Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Operation: Rapunzel Week 2

I am following one of my New Year's Resolutions and growing out my hair. This will be the third time I have attempted such a thing. The last time I tried I got the farthest I have ever gotten and then wimped out. So, to keep myself from repeating that I am going to keep track of the progress on a weekly basis.

This may bore you all, but I am going to post a picture of myself every week so you can all see the progress and keep me from chickening out and cutting it.

I have dubbed this whole thing Operation: Rapunzel. Yes, I know Rapunzel is a girl so it doesn't really make sense, but I didn't want to name it Operation: Fabio.

So here goes:

You can't see my hair very well in this picture but I'm too lazy to take a picture of myself right now. But you get the idea of my starting point. It has actually been two weeks since my last haircut. My friend, Kym, is going to help me in this operation. Our goal is something along these lines:

Not that I necessarily want to look like Hugh Jackman, but I do like his hair in this picture. This is the look I have wanted to do for years now. I better do it while I still have hair. haha!

So let the operation commence!


  1. I actually prefer Operation Fabio.

  2. Ewww. I wish you luck in accomplishing your goal, because that's what friends are for, but I secretly hope you fail, because long hair on boys is gross. :D

    But then again, there's a small part of me that wants to see you with long hair. Mostly because I can't picture it. At all. But I'm no good at visualizing things that are not yet anyway.

    So, uh… good luck! :D

  3. Kelli: May have to rename it Operation: Fabio. It is sorta funny.

    Tianna: You will see. It's going to rock. :)