Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 vs 2012

This is Part 3 of a 3-Part Post Series I'm going to do for my blog. The first post focused on my best and favorite moments of 2011. The second post was my worst and least favorite moments of 2011. This final post will be a revisiting of my resolution for 2011 and seeing how well or not well I did. 
2011 vs. 2012

  • Read 35 books.
I didn't quite make it. However, I did beat last year's 25 books. I finished at 31 books for 2011. My next post may be a list of all the books I read. 
  • Get a new job that pays awesomely.
I joined the U.S. Navy! So yeah...It may not have happened in 2011, but the ball got rolling then. Yay! I accomplished part of my resolution!
  • Move out of my parents' house.
Still hasn't happened, but it will happen in April!
  • Get married. (I know, I know...I say it every year. Well, I do but I don't express it apparently. Well, here I am announcing it publicly that this is the year that I, Jacob Taylor, will finally settle down and get hitched. Now to find that girl.)
Oh, please. That didn't happen. 
  • Finish my novel (rough draft, revision, revision, revision, edit, send out to literary agents and publishers, revision, edit, work, work, revise more, and hopefully get the dang thing done and published!)
Yay! I am on the second draft, and I have sent it to quite about 25 agents now. Still got to finish the revision. 
  • Learn 5 songs on the guitar.
Didn't happen. I still feel guilty about this every time I look at my guitar. 
  • Lose 10 more lbs.
Done! And, in fact, today I weighed in at 168 lbs! I have not been this weight since high school! So weird. I feel so good!
  • Go somewhere I have never been before. Boston would be cool. Possibly finally go on a KB Tour to Europe!
Uhhhh...I did get to go to Oakland, CA and other little places near there. All of which I'd never been to. Go me! This year I will be able to see a lot more of the world!
  • Speaking of the last one: Get a passport!
Yeah. About that. Didn't happen. 
  • Start writing the sequel to Befall which is probably going to be titled Beleaguer. 
That hasn't happened either although the ideas are still rolling around in my head.

  • Grow out my hair. This time I am actually going to do it. Last time I got the furthest I have ever gotten but this time I am going to refuse to cut my hair even when I really, really want to.

This did happen! I loved it and sometimes I miss it.
  • Grow a goatee.
What the hell was I thinking??? Yeah...No. Never will that ever happen. I didn't do it last year, and I'm not ever going to grow one. Moving on. 
  • Be wiser with my money.
Yay! I'm doing that! It took me all 2011 to finally get it right, but I'm doing much better with money these days. 

I'm not doing a resolution this year. Let's face it: the last time I looked at my resolution last year was when I wrote it. I forget what's on there and I have changed so much over the course of a year that my goals change dramatically all the time. So...my only resolution this year is to continue on the path I'm on with no regrets, let my heart be the lead, and continue doing awesome things that amaze even myself.  

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