Monday, January 2, 2012

Worst of 2011

This is Part 2 of a 3-Part Post Series I'm going to do for my blog. The first post focused on my best and favorite moments of 2011. This second post will be my worst and least favorite moments of 2011. The final post will be a revisiting of my resolution for 2011 and seeing how well or not well I did.

My Worst Moments of 2011

(In no particular order whatsoever.)

1. MEPS. Such a long, drawn-out process at the Military Entrance Processing Station in Salt Lake City. Probably the longest day of my life so far. And that's just the beginning. I was there from 6am to almost 6pm and most of that was waiting in lines. 

2. DLAB. I was devastated when I took the language test to get a linguistics job with the Navy. I was 2 lousy points away from the minimum. 

3. Halloween Weekend. My plans and my friend Casey's plans for the weekend were apparently very different from each other. I like the idea of Halloween but for some reason, Halloween is always the worst day for me. Examples:
               1. Senior year of High School. Injured my knee at ballroom dancing practice right
               before school. 
               2. Utah State. Made an idiot of myself by wearing this hideous mask thing to work. I think
               there were some pranks in there that, by that time, I did not find funny at all. 
               3. Mission Halloweens. I always hated talking to people on Halloween. They were always drunk
               or just a little more belligerent than normal.
 I rest my case.  

4. California trip. The wedding part, like I said, was awesome. The whole part where I spent most of my time in airports or my hotel room or waiting for a ride was super uncool. Probably my least favorite trip I've been on in a long time.

5.  Winter. It seemed like last winter clung on forever! Hence we did not get a good summer. Summer was cool and just...not summer-ish until maybe August. Bring on the heat!

Guess it's a good thing I can only come up with a few bad moments of 2011. It was definitely a year full of ups and downs but I think it will always be a memorable year for me.

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