Monday, January 23, 2012

My Latest Obsessions

1. Lana Del Rey
She's got this whole dark, vintage thing going on and her style is very unique. I'm definitely a fan even though she bombed her SNL performance. 

2. Big Bang Theory 
I just got a screaming good deal on all 4 seasons on DVD for $38!!! Yeah, ya can't beat that. I smell a BBT marathon in my future!!!
3. CrossFit
It's going to be an intense workout, but I've been wanting something a little more extreme lately in order to really prepare me for the Navy. So here goes nothing!
4. Foster the People
Their album is addictive! I listen to it all the time now. 
5. Justified
Crazy-good show. I'm going to have to catch up before I get into the third season which is playing on TV now. It is a pretty badass show. Love it!!!

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  1. I've been totally slack at blogging lately, but I think I'm getting back in it! Just in time to...TAG YOU!! See my blog for details!