Saturday, February 12, 2011

Challenge Day #4

"What is in your bag?"

Huh. I am guessing this is more for girls with purses. So I will go with the man version of a purse (no, not a European shoulder bag)...which is my wallet.

There are a lot of fun little gems in my wallet. Some of which are no longer in there because I actually just went through it and cleaned it out because it was getting a little thick. You try sitting on that.

Here is what is in my wallet:

My BYU-Idaho student ID card (I have no idea why I keep it)
A $5 gift card to Target that I got at work for some contest I got 3rd place in
A Staples Rewards card that I actually just got today (after printing out the rough draft of my novel!)
A Deseret Book gift card
2 Wal-mart gift cards
A card that has the Standard of Truth by Joseph Smith on it (from my LDS mission in Florida)
A Kash n' Karry member card (a grocery store in FL...I keep it for sentimentality)
Business cards (Ogilvy in GA, a man I met in FL, and my best friend's)
My temple recommend
A card from American Red Cross that has my blood type on it (from when I donated blood)
My credit and debit cards
My Regal Crown Club movie card
My Barnes and Noble member card (LOVE this one and it gets a lot of use)
A Kohl's membership card
A random card from TGIFridays. Not even sure what it is for.
A card good for a free loaf of bread from Great Harvest. Ooooh...I need to use that!
A punch card from Gandalfo's
Another punch card from Cafe Rio
Two $1 bills (I never have cash on me)
Another business card from a friend of mine who does photography
A faded ticket to a spring training game I went to in Florida back in 2003
The 2010 schedule for the Idaho Falls ID LDS temple


That's more information than even I wanted to know.


  1. That's a pretty intense stack of cards for your wallet.

  2. If I had a free loaf to Great Harvest I'd buy their jalepeno cheese bread...or pumpkin chocolate chip. Which is your fav?