Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Insanity and a Random Tub o' Jell-O

So I was hanging out with some friends from my branch (Whitney, Casey, and Kira), having our own little FHE. It was pretty chill and we got to talking. Somehow the subject of pudding wrestling (don't ask) got to filling a bathtub full of Jell-O which turned into us going to Wal-Mart in search of a kiddie pool and some Jell-O. No kiddie pools in Idaho in February which is a complete shocker (right.) but we did find a big tub with a lid. 40 Packages of Wal-Mart Brand Jell-O later and we were in business.

We made cherry limeade Jell-O and put it in the tub which was outside. See for yourself. I love randomness.

The next night, last night, we had a Jell-O party. It tasted good. We didn't even make a dent in the Jell-O Tub. Anybody want some?


  1. OMG. Yes, I just omg'd you. I don't know if I'd eat the Jello, but come up with something of mischief to do with it...

  2. Yeah. We had mischievous ideas for it. Still could do some mischief.

  3. My friend, EATING the Jello is not half as fun as putting stuff IN the Jello and pranking someone with it--nice pranks, mind you, on people who can take it. (I may or may not have paid back a friend, making her dig for her $$ in Jello) Yes, I copy The Office in doing so, and I'll do it till the day I die. :) With that said, I still think you're cute and think your randomness is AWESOME! :) (I would've loved that FHE!)