Friday, November 11, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude #10

And, again, some catching up to do.

Yesterday, I was grateful for:

Cristy Waters
Immortals Midnight Premier
 Tuna Melts
I had a meeting with my Navy recruiters and then had some time to kill between that and work, so I went and hung out with my sister and my nephews for a bit. We had lunch which was some delicious Tuna Melts. I love how certain foods can just hit the right spots. Never ceases to amaze me. 
 Immortals Midnight Movie Premiere
I feel like I've been waiting forever for this movie to come out, so it was only fitting that I go to the midnight premiere. I was even going to go by myself if I couldn't get anyone to go with me. All in all it was a really good movie. The whole experience was even better because it was all in 3-D. I definitely think that the movie will be less impressive without the 3-D, but still a really good movie. It's good that it's not one of those movies that does things just because it will be shown in 3-D. Sometimes directors sacrifice artistry for the thrill of throwing something at the screen to make the audience jump and it comes off forced and just wrong. This one never felt forced. I love what they did with the legend of Theseus. I especially loved the minotaur scene and the payoff at the end that ties everything together. (I'm being vague because I don't want to spoil anything. Go watch the movie! You won't regret it!) Warning: There is lots of blood and gore. Huh. A movie about the Greeks? Rated R? Blood and gore? A little bit of sex? I think it's definitely a more accurate depiction of the Ancient Greeks if it has all that, so get over it. 
Cristy Waters
It's funny how life works out. I've known Cristy since junior year in high school when I moved to Idaho. She has always been someone I thought was cool, but we never really hung out. I found her again on Facebook a couple years ago (?) and we've talked a bit on there (she's a member of my book club) and, just recently, have started talking more now that I'm in the Navy. She was in the Air Force and so we have the military in common. Anyway, I got to hang out with her last night. She's the poor schmuck I convinced to go to the Immortals midnight premiere with me. So, yesterday, I was very grateful for old-new friends who are willing to go to awesome movies with me. 

(I will publish my 11-11-11 Gratitude post tonight.) 

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