Sunday, November 20, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude #20

Today I'm thankful for:

Shirts that Fit
A few years ago I bought two shirts from Kohl's that were a little on the snug side. I really don't know what my thinking was. Part of it was probably denial that I was getting big. Maybe I thought I would get down enough to fit into them. Or maybe I liked that they were tight and showed off my "muscles." Well...I didn't really wear them all that much because instead of getting fitter, leaner, and smaller, I started getting bigger. We've had this discussion before. Well, I saw one of the shirts in my closet today and decided I would see if it fit. Lo and behold! It fit! Perfectly! And I now have the muscles that I wanted to be able to show off in that shirt. Woohoo!
I started reading Ally Condie's book Matched which is a dystopian/totalitarian (all the rage right now thanks to Hunger Games) society that pretty much tells you how your life is going to be lived. The whole premise is based on being matched to who you will have to marry. The Society links you with someone your most compatible with, tells you what job you get for life, and even tells you when you're going to die. I would go crazy, and I'm kinda going crazy reading it which, I guess, is kinda the point. Reading this book, even though I'm not that far into it, has made me realize how grateful I am for the freedoms I have and that I take for granted. Some societies out there act a little like the one in Condie's book (not to the extreme) and I'm grateful I have the choice of what to do with my life, who I can be with, and how I'm going to do everything. Oh how I love America! Even when our economy is in the dumps like it is right now it's still a pretty awesome place to live. 
I love how music can change emotions, heal, bring joy, calm us down, and give us a form of expression when words fail us. I have heard that "We sing because we have no more words; we dance because we cannot move." That just means that these artistic expressions allow us to convey things that words and motions can no longer do justice to. I love music in most of its forms and I'm grateful for its power in my life.

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