Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude #9

I am grateful for:

Who cares that I'm the only guy (literally) that goes? I sure don't! At first it was a little uncomfortable, but now I just don't care. If the women have a problem with it, then they can go somewhere else. How's that for copping an attitude? I go to a studio in Rigby that is nice and big. Jodi Bozung is an amazing and energetic instructor. I tend to change some of the moves because she likes to shimmy a lot. I don't shimmy. Guys should never shimmy. Tonight I needed a good workout and Zumba with Jodi Bozung always produces that. 
 The above picture is overkill. So, today at work I was doing freight and realized that my box knife was having a hard time cutting through plastic packing bubbles. Time to change the blade! I changed the blade and it was amazing how good it cut after that. Go figure. Well, I was cutting away at some packaging stuff and sliced my finger right next to the nail. Ouch! It wasn't a big cut but it was clean and deep. Thanks a lot, new blade of death! So today I am grateful for Band-Aids to keep the infection away from my cut. It hurts already. I'm a baby; I know.
Power Naps
When I got home after work I locked my door to my bedroom so I could change my clothes in peace (we've been watching my twin nephews and Gigi is always wanting to venture down to my room with me. I have no idea what is so special about my room). Sad that I've resorted to locking my door, but I needed some me time for a moment before I did the uncle/big brother thing. Next thing I know I'm sprawled on my bed and out like a light. It was so quick and deep and wonderful. Ahhh...Just what I needed to recharge my battery! Catnaps are my favorite!
P.S. I've noticed I've been grateful a lot for things that have to do with relaxing and sleeping. I'm not lazy. I promise. 

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