Friday, November 11, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude #11

Today I'm grateful for:

 My Cousin Ashley
I have always looked up to Ashley and have been proud to have someone in my family serving in the military. Little did I know (especially when this picture was taken) that I would be in the military someday as well. It's amazing where life takes you. Ashley has been a big help in my decision to join the Navy. Today, I called him about my job change, and he told me which one not to take. I appreciate his honesty and it's nice to have someone to trust in this whole thing. My recruiters have been good, but I know they aren't paid to tell me the whole truth. Thanks, Ashley!
 Opportunities to Give, Serve, and Help Out
I get a lot of opportunities at work to help people. Especially with Christmas around the corner, I feel like I have somewhat control and can help people have a good holiday season. Today a lady came in and needed help picking out Christmas gifts for her son who is on an LDS mission to Argentina. I helped her pick out some gifts (a towel, CTR rings for the kids he's teaching, etc.) and she was really grateful. The more I got talking to her, the more she told me about how dire her circumstances were. She was worried about being able to keep her house because her husband had been unemployed for two years and finally got a new job working minimum wage. They were basically starting over. Add to that the stress of having a son on a mission in some faraway country. So I made her dollar stretch as much as I could. Gave her a good percentage off and gave her a good deal. She didn't even really know what I did. It's nice to be able to play Santa Claus.

P.S. I don't do this for just anybody. Friends and family, yes, but not complete strangers. Sometimes I just get the feeling that I should do it, so I go with it. This woman was very impressed with me, left with a big smile on her face, and even complimented me on my salesmanship. She made my day! You rub my back; I will rub yours. I firmly go by that policy at work. If you treat me like I'm just a lowly retail employee, then you will get the bare minimum customer service because I don't get paid to put up with rudeness. 

Just as I began typing this part of the post it was 11:11 PM on 11-11-11. I got to make two wishes today! Well, they were both the same wish at different times of the day. I'm grateful I got to see this day because the next one won't happen until November 11, 3011. If the Earth is still around by then. Ya never know. 

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