Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude #16

Ok, now I'm caught up to today. I'm grateful for:

This season hasn't really been my favorite because the plot seems to be trying a little too hard, but the last couple episodes have been game changers. I am always a Gleek (I have been a fan since the pilot episode...the first time it aired before Glee was a blip on the radar...yeah...) and tonight I watched it and the music was vastly better this episode than it has been all season. The Adele mash-up at the end was my absolute favorite. 
Cafe Rio
Always reliable for a good meal, Cafe Rio never disappoints. Oh, how I love your sweet pork barbacoa, Cafe Rio. Thank you. Thank you. 
When I was living in Rexburg with one of my best friends, we started what we called Man Home Evening, a spinoff from Family Home Evening which is a night set aside to spend time with your family. Man Home Evening is a night set aside to spend with your best guy friends. Tonight I had MHE with Adam who was a roommate and coworker and is a good friend of mine now. It was good to catch up with him and just hang out for a bit.

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