Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude #23

I've been discovering some great new bands lately. One of them is Fun. They have a great, unique sound that I'm super addicted to and is! 
Karly LaOrange 
For introducing me to fun. and for being such a crazy, awesome coworker. And for not giving up on me in the whole marriage department. (If she mentions Maddie Case one more time...)
Kelli McButtars
For having such a fantastically awesome life through I can live vicariously. For laughing at my dumb Irish-Indian accent. For keeping me posted on her ever-evolving love life. For playing Words with Friends with me and always kicking my trash (really...thanks for that...I love being humbled...). For being my personal editor on my book (she suffered through my attempt at a vampire book...poor girl...). And for our lunch dates whenever I'm in Utah or she's here in Idaho. Basically for being the awesome redhead that she is.

1 comment:

  1. Gee...Jake... You sure know how to make a girl blush! And I'll try to go easy on you next Words with Friends game. :)